Allen-Sherman-Hoff is recognized as the world's premier supplier of ash handling equipment. The roots of the Allen-Sherman-Hoff company date back to 1917 when the Baker-Dunbar-Allen Company of Cleveland, Ohio was formed to fulfill the need for improved coal handling techniques in power generating plants. In 1921, Frank Allen left for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to form a new company with two other individuals, Max Sherman and Leigh Hoff. Together they formed the Allen-Sherman-Hoff Company (A-S-H). Coincidentally, the initials of the new company, A-S-H, formed the letters of the very product that would eventually come to represent creativity and innovation in the design of premier ash handling technologies and products.

The company banner stated this simply "A-S-H - our name denotes our business". This slogan would declare Allen-Sherman-Hoff's commitment to the development of ash handling systems and equipment which has continued to the present time. As a result of this commitment, the A-S-H brand name is recognized worldwide for quality systems and equipment.

Through a series of acquisitions, Allen-Sherman-Hoff became part of Diamond Power International, Inc. (DPII). Allen-Sherman-Hoff is the company's ash handling division.

Quick Facts
  • Founded in 1921
  • Ash Handling Division of Diamond Power International, Inc.
  • Located in Exton, PA
  • World's Premier Supplier of Ash Handling Systems and Equipment
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified
  • Provides Ash and Material Handling Solutions for Utility, Pulp & Paper and Waste-to-Energy Facilities Worldwide
  • A-S-H Products & Services
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